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Virtual Technician


Virtual Technician

Know What's Wrong Before You Stop

Detroit™ Virtual Technician™ Onboard Diagnostic System keeps your truck in motion.

Virtual Technician takes the guesswork out of engine repair, so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

With Virtual Technician, you'll know the seriousness of a fault and determine whether to stay on the road or head to the shop. This on-board diagnostics system prompts the experts in our Customer Service Center (CSC) to analyze performance data from your vehicle to determine what the problem is, what caused it, when it needs to be fixed and where to go for service.

Detroit Virtual Technician collects data immediately when your check engine light comes on. It generates a technical snapshot of the engine’s status before, during and after a fault code event. Detroit technicians identify the suspect part and nearest authorized locations with the part in stock. If required, the CSC will alert the service center of the inbound truck including the pre-diagnosis.

Retrofit Available

Most EPA 2010 Detroit™ engines made after April 2011 already have Virtual Technician installed. Older vehicles may require a retrofit kit. See an authorized Freightliner, Western Star or Detroit dealer or distributor for details.