Cascadia Evolution

Cascadia Evolution Truck Cascadia Evolution Gauge

The Evolution of Efficiency

The 2014 Cascadia Evolution builds on the technologies of the original Cascadia to deliver up to a 7% increase in fuel economy over our first-generation EPA 2010-compliant Cascadia model.


Innovation Is Everywhere

With the newly designed Detroit™ DD15 engine inside the 2014 Cascadia Evolution paired with groundbreaking aerodynamics, you can expect better fuel economy than ever before.


Cut Wind Resistance. Cut Costs.

The Evolution performs in all wind conditions by utilizing the latest aerodynamic technology, including deflectors, side extenders and chassis side fairing enhancements.


Drive into the Future

Built to our rigid standards and equipped with innovative new tools to help fleets maximize uptime and profitability, this truck will be a dependable, durable addition to your business.


Comfort All Day and Night

The Cascadia Evolution has hundreds of small, but smart, comforts that make it easier for drivers to stay alert and comfortable on the road. Superior ride and handling, a large, ergonomic seat, along with one of the widest and quietest cabs in the industry, let drivers work hard and rest well.


  • Advanced aerodynamic enhancements include:
    • Bumper Air Dam
    • Hood-to-Bumper Fill
    • Bumper Closure
    • Cooling Enhancements
    • Windshield Seal Improvements
    • Elliptical-Shaped Mirrors
    • Side Extender Filler Piece
    • Rear Wheel Covers
    • Integrated Antenna
    • Chassis Side Fairing Enhancements
    • 20-inch Side Extenders
  • Newly-designed Detroit™ DD15® engine with the proprietary asymmetric turbocharger
  • Most recent addition to Freightliner's fully compliant GHG14 vehicles
  • Large, comfortable seats
  • Powerful HVAC system with six dash-mounted vents, eight blower speeds and 20 percent greater airflow
  • High-tech thermal and noise insulation
  • Overhead storage console
  • Cab insulation and pre-stressed walls
  • Adjustable tilt-telescoping steering column
  • Wrap-around dash
  • Low-mounted dash and sloped hood
  • Steering wheel mounted controls
  • Large rear windows — 56" x 22" combined viewable area in a day cab application
  • Robust pedestal mirror design with power mirror adjustment
  • Up to 50-degree wheel cut
  • Optimized aerodynamics
  • EPA 2010-compliant SCR technology
  • Widely available tool-free standard headlamp bulbs
  • Rugged three-piece bumper
  • Detachable three-piece rain tray and quick rear engine access
  • Gas strut-assisted hood
  • Roped-in windshield
  • Power Distribution Center fuses and circuit breakers grouped in a single location
  • Detroit™ Virtual Technician™ remote engine diagnostics


Day Cabs

The Cascadia Evolution day cab is even more aerodynamic and lightweight than its predecessor, which helps maximize payload for regional hauls. The cab is packed with comfort and safety features, so it's a great option for pick-up and delivery.

Mid-roof Sleepers

Freightliner Trucks offers a large selection of mid-roof and mid-roof extra-tall (XT) configurations. The Cascadia Evolution MRXT has enhanced aerodynamic features, so it really pays off for regional and long hauls. And the cab is packed with comfort features, when drivers need to go the distance.

Raised-roof Sleepers

For long-haul applications, opt for the Cascadia Evolution raised-roof sleeper configuration. Its optimized aerodynamics package increases fuel economy. The spacious cab also offers more headroom and a nice, wide bunk. Freightliner Trucks focuses on driver ergonomics and comfort, which is sure to increase productivity and efficiency.