Meet a new concept in crossover cab design, modern styling and aerodynamic engineering.

LED Headlamps

White LED headlamps use less power and have a longer life, making them a viable and attractive future technology for low- and high-beam forward lighting. Tinted reflectors, integrated into the front grille, make the lights "disappear" when they are turned off.

Side View Cameras

Side-view cameras transmit a wide-angle view of the road into the cab via monitors mounted inside on the A-pillars. By replacing mirrors with cameras, it increases overall cab aerodynamics.

Turn Signal Indicators

Orange LEDs create a strikingly, highly visible turn signal in a unique shape above the headlamps.

Remote Activated Doors

What you don’t notice is worth noticing: no visible door handles. For the sake of aerodynamics and convenience, the truck includes keyless entry via a key fob. All access points are opened by this remote system: the driver's door, the rear sliding door and the passenger-side baggage door.

Wraparound Windshield

This asymmetric truck features a passenger-side wraparound windshield to reduce drag.

Aero Raised Roof

Imagine being able to stand up and stretch in a day cab. Our aerodynamic raised roof gives drivers an expansive interior while retaining the improved fuel economy of a day cab. Carbon-fiber base material in a honeycomb structure creates a strong and lightweight roof cap, hood, and cab sides.

Baggage Side Door

No more hauling baggage up and into the cab. Simply click the key fob to open the baggage door and load your gear from ground level. Located at eye level just inside the baggage door, an easy-access fuse panel also makes maintenance simple.

Rear Door

A new concept in ingress/egress—a rear door—slides to the side with a push of a button on the key fob allowing drivers to more easily enter the cab. In addition, drivers can check their trailer connections without having to climb down from the vehicle, increasing uptime and driver comfort.

Detroit™ Automated Manual Transmission

The Detroit DTD 2100 automated manual transmission features an aluminum housing for less weight, state-of-the-art computer controls for fuel efficiency, and a wide range of time and fuel-saving technologies.

High-Strength Frame Rails

Our lightweight, high-strength aluminum alloy frame rails form a stronger, lighter chassis than our already lightweight extruded aluminum option. They’re left unpainted to reveal the beauty of this material.

Split Cooling System

Relocating the AC condenser increases airflow and reduces pre-heating of the charge air cooler and radiator. This custom-built radiator—smaller than the current Cascadia version—uses less space while still cooling efficiently.

AC Condenser, Side-Air Intake

Positioned mid-chassis with a side-air intake, the AC condenser doesn’t require high levels of outside air to operate. Electric fans cool at idle or slow speeds, preventing unnecessary use of the high-powered, less-efficient engine fan. On the passenger side, the side-air intake has been left open for future technologies, like hybrid systems, which require another cooling system specifically for the batteries.

Detroit™ Long Haul Tandem Rear Axle

The new Detroit long haul tandem rear axle delivers the fuel economy of a 6x2 with the safety and stability of a 6x4. By de-clutching the rear axle from the driveline at highway speeds, it acts as a tag axle, reducing friction and saving fuel. If a loss of traction is sensed, it immediately re-engages the rear axle to a standard 6x4 drive configuration.

In-Rail Fuel Tanks

For more efficient chassis packaging, we moved fuel tanks in-rail and made them of lightweight plastic materials to increase payload. With a total fuel capacity of around 75 gallons, the tanks are suited for most local and regional LTL applications.


Optimized for local and regional LTL applications, the Detroit DD13 stands out for its best-in-class fuel economy, up to 50,000 mile service intervals, and seamless BlueTec® Emissions Technology integration.

Instrument Cluster

Featuring an easy-to-read LCD screen, our futuristic instrument cluster delivers critical information while reducing driver distraction. “Light rings" surround the large speedometer and tachometer, while the LCD screen automatically reverts to a rear camera when the truck transmission is put into reverse, helping drivers line up their 5th wheel and kingpin.

Steering Wheel

Buttons on the steering wheel control the instrument cluster, cruise control, and radio. An ergonomic shifting stalk on the steering column controls the new Detroit automated manual transmission.

LED Lighting

LED-illuminated cup holders make it easy to store your beverages, while a top-lit waste receptacle helps you keep your cab clean around the clock. Subdued LED light strip illuminates the interior of the door, sleek LED lighting in the rear of the cab provides light to read by, while a halo of indirect lighting circles the roof cap, creating a relaxing atmosphere after a long day's work.


Dash storage pockets are a perfect place to stash everyday items. The raised roof provides additional storage space on the rear wall, where a pull-down drawer can be easily loaded from the standing position, eliminating any need to climb. An insulated drawer under the convertible jumpseat offers a place to keep your lunch cold.

Revolution Jumpseat

A convertible jumpseat creates a flexible working/sleeping space. The jumpseat reconfigures quickly from a productive workspace into a comfortable bunk. Simply slide over the base and fold down the backrest, collapse and fold the driver seat, and then lay down a section of the back wall. Then you can rest and relax for the night or until your load is ready.

Integrated Tablet

The right side of the dash contains a unique docking station for a smart tablet . The dock provides power to the tablet, and connects the tablet's audio to the truck's speakers. Data from the truck is streamed to the tablet via Wi-Fi, enabling a feature we call TruckOS, a unique concept vehicle operating system.

Smart Navigation

Utilizing traditional route mapping, electronic navigation, truck data and internet access, Smart Navigation helps you optimize your time and improve your quality of life on the road with a range of services. Pinpoint the nearest fueling stations and restaurants, track service hours, and even find friends who might be nearby to hang out with during your downtime.

CB 2.0

This wide-ranging network lets you chat with truck-driving friends whether they’re in Wichita or Washington, D.C. Special audio channels are organized around a variety of topics, or you can chat privately with your fleet or friends. Everyone has a screen name with accompanying photo. Yours could be a picture of your truck so other drivers can identify you in the real world.

Load Finder

Load Finder searches online load boards for jobs suited to your equipment and schedule. You can start with your current location, or plan a trip based on its profitability. It connects different assignments and shows how previous drivers rated customers. Hit the “accept” button and the job is yours. No phone calls, no fax machines — just loads.

Truck Health

Working with your truck’s diagnostic system, Truck Health alerts you about any maintenance issues. See which nearby Freightliner dealership stocks the part or can perform the repair, then schedule an appointment. Use the tablet for a pre-trip walk around, snapping pictures for your records. A complete history of your vehicle’s maintenance records and current health will be just a tap away.


When you’re safely parked, you can access a host of consumer applications and stay in touch with your loved ones. Use the tablet’s camera to video chat with your family, read your child a book before bedtime, or watch movies. It’s also a great way to get additional training, check emails or play games during your downtime.



The future holds many challenges. Pulling the most mileage out of every drop of fuel. Balancing efficiency and reliability with driver comfort and safety. In our vision of the future of the industry, we see a driver who needs the fuel efficiency of aerodynamic, innovative lightweight materials with the comfort, safety and functionality of a crossover cab. We call this concept the Revolution truck.


Today, we’ve re-examined every aspect of our trucks, then designed and built the Revolution’s foundation to increase efficiency
by decreasing drag, friction
and weight.


For far too long, drivers have had to choose between a day or sleeper cab. The future requires flexibility. We call it the crossover cab. During the day, it’s an efficient, technologically savvy workspace. At night, or while waiting for loads, its ingenious seating transforms into a bunk for rest and relaxation. We’ve taken every opportunity to increase the comfort, ambience and ergonomics of the truck’s interior.

“We've provided everything the driver needs to do their job well: clear instrumentation, comfortable ergonomics, and flexibility with the convertible bunk.”

Andy Olson
Senior Engineer
- Cab Engineering


Integration is the way of the future. The Truck Operating System (TruckOS) is a new concept in commercial vehicle operation that combines the intelligent on-board truck network with the portability and internet connectivity of a mass-market tablet device. It gives the drivers of today and tomorrow access to a revolutionary new tool that helps them run smarter than ever before.

“TruckOS could create a whole new platform for electronic integration; the possibilities are endless.”

Justin Yee
Manager Vehicle Concepts

70 Years of Innovation

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