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Freightliner SuperTruck interior

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Product Design and Validation

Our team of dedicated engineers is pushing the envelope of innovation and setting the gold standard for trucking technology. Each Freightliner truck model undergoes our tough, rigorous testing to make sure it meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations and business needs.

Advanced Manufacturing

Our Truck Operating System is based on “purpose-built” manufacturing processes that allow us to repeatedly deliver vehicles that offer the highest performance in all applications.

Clean Drive Technologies

The BlueTec® emissions technology from Detroit offers increased fuel efficiency on the road and at the jobsite while reducing emissions for a cleaner, greener drive. We specialize in creating diesel trucks that are equipped with the latest in innovative engineering and that keep your trucks on the road.

Detroit Connect

Detroit Connect is the critical link between your vehicle, your business and the experts who know how to keep both of them moving.

Advanced Engineering

Our advanced engineering group is constantly thinking ahead and into the future, developing the most advanced technologies in the trucking industry today. Through our collaborative partnerships, we are able to develop groundbreaking advancements in fuel economy and aerodynamics for today and into the next generation.