Product Design and Validation

Our forward-thinking design processes and rigorous testing procedures enable us to produce quality products that mean business. With dedicated departments focusing on fuel economy improvements, aerodynamics and innovative safety and technology features, each Freightliner truck are tailored to our customers’ needs.

Clay Model

Product Design

At the core of the Freightliner design philosophy is total cost of ownership (TCO). In every design decision, we ask, “How will this improve operational costs?” We balance uptime, weight and fuel efficiency to produce the highest quality vehicle that will deliver consistent, cost-effective results year after year.

We also talk to our drivers in the field to find out what they want and need. Their input is then integrated into our new designs. Our goal is to meet our customers’ specification expectations with every truck we build. Customers choose the configuration for every model based on their application. From the frame to the cab type and height, from drive train configuration to even the paint color and scheme, customers order exactly what they need. Depending on where the truck is going to be driven, it must meet different exhaust emissions standards and possibly be built as a right-hand drive vehicle.

Crash Cab

Product Validation

Our trucks are put through the highest degree of testing in order to deliver reliable, safe, and fuel efficient products to our customers. By utilizing our state-of-the-art wind tunnel, cold chamber, and shaker tests, we assure our products are optimized for aerodynamics, insulated for natures' fiercest weather, and strong enough to handle the roughest terrain you can throw at them. And while simulations are critical to product development, nothing can replace real world experience; that's why we log millions of miles a year continuously analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of our product. We guarantee that each Freightliner is designed for peak performance no matter your route or vocation.