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Oil Deflector

Oil Deflector

Oil deflector for full lubrication at very low speeds.

Seal Design

Seal Design

New seal design for optimal leak protection.

Brake Compatibility

Brake Compatibility

Compatible with all brake systems offered by Freightliner Trucks.

Topoid Design

Topoid Design

Reduced driveline angle for less driveline vibrations results in less noise and less wear.

Larger Differential

Larger Differential

Larger differential adds stiffness, stability and durability.

Power Divider

Power Divider

Larger Power Divider with helical gears and needle bearings for increased durability.


Improved Driveline Angle

Tough, stable and reliable: Detroit™ tandem rear axles are among the most robust and powerful in the industry. Precision-machined gears, larger differential and a reduced driveline angle increase the longevity of the axle and drive down costs. Using our Topoid design, Detroit tandem rear axle systems have an above-center position of the pinion gear to reduce the driveline angle between the forward and rear axles. That means fewer driveline vibrations, less wear and a much longer life.

Tandem Rear Axles

Spec'd for Fuel Economy

Our Tandem Rear Axles are available with a 2.53 ratio for all on-highway applications. Together with the Detroit DD15 engine, and a direct drive transmission, this is one great way to increase your overall fuel economy.

Ask your dealer how Detroit drivetrain configurations can help you improve your fuel economy and overall performance.

Precision Machined Gears

The ring and pinion gears ensure consistent gear mesh and optimal power flow. The tighter tolerances mean a quieter, smoother ride and allow higher torque input than other rear axle brands.

Tandem Rear Axle Close-Up

Oil Deflector

To ensure full lubrication of the power divider — even at very low speeds — we added our patented oil deflector as a standard feature on all tandem axles. This removes the need for an axle oil pump for most applications and lowers your cost of operation and maintenance.

Advanced Seal Design

Current market designs have the seal located inside of the input threaded ring, leaving a gap between the threads, causing it to degrade and prematurely leak. Our advanced design separates the seal from the threaded ring for superior sealing and leak protection.

Single Tire Applications

40,000-lb tandem axles are available with optional intermediate track housing, which allows the use of single or dual tires. With a 34,000 lbs rated capacity, Detroit allows dual or single tires with the standard housing configuration.

Optional Equipment

  • DCDL - for driver controlled differential locking
  • NOSPIN - for automatic differential locking


We back your investment with our standard, comprehensive warranty to cover your Tandem Truck Axle over the long haul—up to 5 years / 750,000 miles. Ask your Freightliner Trucks Dealer for information.

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