Freightliner Truck Suspensions

Freightliner Front Trucks Suspensions

Freightliner Front Truck Suspensions

Freightliner Trucks offers the most complete line of suspension solutions using the most advanced designs in the industry. Whether you are looking for smooth ride and ease of maintenance, or high articulation for bumps and stumps on the job site, our front and rear suspension systems will meet the demands of your on-road and off-road applications.

  • Type
  • Weight Ratings
  • Flatleaf
  • 14,600 - 23,000 lbs
  • Taperleaf
  • 6,000 to 20,000 lbs
Freightliner Rear Suspensions

Freightliner AirLiner Rear Truck Suspension

With the most advanced design on the road, Freightliner’s AirLiner rear truck suspensions shoulder the weight of more highway and medium-duty construction vehicles in North America than any other brand. By keeping weights lower and payloads higher, and reducing maintenance costs through smart engineering in such features as double-bonded rubber bushings on moving joints, they’re good for your business. Drivers and their freight enjoy a cushioned ride, reducing the possibility of damage and decreasing driver fatigue.

Freightliner Rear Suspensions

Freightliner TufTrac Rear Truck Suspension

The versatile TufTrac suspension serves many heavy-duty vocations, including: refuse, construction, concrete mixer, asphalt spreader, heavy haul, mining, logging, oil/gas field service and line haul. Freightliner TufTrac vocational truck suspensions are packed with features such as:

  • High ground clearance for off-highway driving or anytime it’s important to travel over bumps, ridges and washboard without “bottoming out” the suspension
  • Uniform wheel-loading, which allows your truck to maintain the same load over each wheel as the suspension reacts for maximum traction
  • A combination of rubber-isolated pivot points and parabolic taper-leaf springs to ensure a smooth ride, whether loaded or unloaded, decreasing wear and tear on both truck and driver