Manual & Automatic Truck Transmissions

The transmission controls the muscle inside your new Freightliner truck. Depending on your job and the way you drive, you can configure your truck to match your needs. Choose the Detroit™ DT12™ Automated Manual Transmission, or a high-quality transmission from Allison or Eaton, and take the reins on the road.

Detroit Transmissions

Detroit Transmissions

Designed to be light, strong and efficient to run and maintain, the new Detroit DT12 automated manual transmission helps shift the Cascadia Evolution into the most efficient truck on the road today.

Allison Automated Transmissions

Allison Automatic Transmissions

Reliable, durable, fuel-efficient, with driveline protection for the specific vocation/duty cycle, Allison truck transmissions have a reputation for lasting just about forever. Learn more

Eaton Transmissions

Eaton Manual, Automated, and Hybrid Transmissions

The computer-controlled UltraShift transmission—a fuel-efficient, durable two-pedal solution—comes in six models and combines the best of a manual and automatic transmission into one hybrid solution. You can also choose from manual and automated models to suit a specific application. No matter which one you go with, you can count on it to be durable and reliable because it’s produced by the world’s leading manufacturer of heavy-duty truck transmissions, Eaton. Learn more.