Freightliner Trucks

Work Has a New Way to Work

The 108SD is not only built to perform severe duty jobs in severe environments, it's also nimble enough to tackle tough jobs in tight spots. From construction sites to utility projects to residential streets, this truck doesn't just work hard, it works smart.

Packed with Power

Powered by a Cummins® ISB or ISL engine, up to 380 horsepower and up to 1,250 lb-ft torque, you definitely will have what you need to perform any tough job. These rugged, yet sophisticated, engines provide strength, responsiveness and efficiency, while controlling emissions.

108SD ISB Engines

Great Job Site Performance

The 108SD has a 42” set-back axle position for efficient weight transfer to the front axle. With a wheel cut up to 50 degrees and a swept-back bumper, this truck can easily maneuver tight work sites.

108SD Wheel Cut

Innovative electronics

The 108SD also incorporates a proprietary SmartPlex™ Electrical System, which provides unmatched flexibility for TEMs when configuring a truck to suit specific body installations. SmartPlex is a multiplex electrical system that simplifies chassis-to-body electrical integration and significantly reduces the number of wires. SmartPlex adds expansion capabilities and allows custom programming for each customer's unique requirements, with no software to buy and no additional tools required.

Engineered for upfit

Front engine, rear engine and transmission power take-off (PTO) options allow hydraulic packaging to suit any specific application. Smart PTO packaging allows a cleaner installation behind the cab, while providing consistent and maximum power output. The 108SD offers integral front frame extensions in either 6" or 24" lengths. This provides a solid mounting point for hydraulic pumps, winches, hose reels, front stabilizers and snow plows. So, with this efficient factory chassis layout, the 108SD simplifies upfitting for truck equipment manufacturers (TEMs).

You've Got Pull

TMC Compliant

When you need your tow hooks, you really need them. Whether you get a set-forward or set-back axle, the 108SD has the tow hooks to get you out of a jam, and meet Truck Maintenance Council guidelines. The optional 3/8” steel logger bumper gives the added strength of a heavy-duty center tow pin that provides 80,000 lbs of towing capacity.