Freightliner Trucks

Harder Than the Work

The 122SD is built to be a heavy duty, tough-as-nails workhorse because we know that uptime is king and the average truck can't take the kind of abuse that a harsh environment can dole out.

Strong Features

The solid engineering of the 122SD is designed to handle whatever’s thrown at it. With frame and wheelbase configurations suited to your specific application, this heavy duty truck can take on just about anything. It also features:

122SD Hood Open 122SD Frame Rails

Put to the Test

The 122SD is tough. Test after test proves it. The components, systems and entire truck has been subjected to an array of virtual and physical tests to ensure the 122SD delivers the expected function, performance and reliability. The result is a durable and safe cab that meets stringent A-pillar impact, rollover and back wall impact tests. Plus, the vocational chassis includes a robust backbone with a complete offering of single and double channel frame rails. This provides a tensile strength of up to 120,000 psi and an RBM ratio up to 5 million inch-pounds per rail. So it can handle the abuse of a typical job site, no problem.

122SD Big Loads
122SD Electronics

Experience Robust Electronics

The electronics and wiring systems of the 122SD withstand punishment and maximize the working life of your truck. The electrical connections come out of the front wall of the cab in two distinct 76-pin connectors to simplify wiring and reduce diagnostic time. Also, the redesigned connectors offer tight seals to keep out moisture, resulting in fewer electrical failures from water penetration.

Peace of Mind

With more than 300 Freightliner Trucks dealer locations across the U.S. and Canada, we’ve got you covered with one of the most comprehensive service networks in the business for your heavy duty truck. And, backed from the factory by one of the industry's most complete base warranties, or a wide selection of extended warranties and service support programs.