Cascadia Configurations

Cascadia Day Cabs

Day Cabs

The Cascadia day cab is designed for productivity. It's aerodynamic and lightweight, which helps maximize payload for regional hauls. The cab is packed with comfort and safety features, so it's also a great option for pick-up and delivery. Whether your business carries beverages, boxes or bulk goods, this truck helps get the job done.

Cascadia Mid-roof Sleeper Trucks

Mid-roof Sleepers

Freightliner Trucks offers a large selection of mid-roof and mid-roof extra-tall (XT) configurations. This truck model is aerodynamic and lightweight, so it's great for regional and long hauls. And the cab is packed with comfort features, when drivers need to go the distance.

Cascadia Raised-roof Sleeper Trucks

Raised-roof Sleepers

For long-haul applications, opt for the raised-roof sleeper configuration and take advantage of the optimized aerodynamics of the Cascadia. The spacious cab also offers more headroom and a nice, wide bunk. Freightliner Trucks focuses on driver ergonomics and comfort, which is sure to increase productivity and efficiency.