Little Comforts, Big Difference

Cascadia® has hundreds of small, but smart comforts, like easy-to-turn handles and knobs, and bigger doors drivers can fit through easily, even when bundled up for bad weather. No yelling over cab, engine and wind noise. No sweating or shivering. No aching back. Cascadia makes it easier for drivers to stay alert and comfortable on the road.

Cascadia Inside Cab Door

The Best Seat on the Road

Drivers come in all shapes and sizes. The seats of the Cascadia are two inches wider, taller and longer than most in the industry, for a perfect fit. Optional features include a seat-heater, swivel and three way bolster, and a tilting, telescoping steering wheel for the right fit behind the wheel. Because a comfortable driver is a productive driver.

Quiet Cab for Increased Comfort

The sound engineers of the Cascadia set a goal and reached it: minimize the noise that enters the cab. They measured in-cab noise while the engine roared. They isolated and stopped wind noise during testing in Daimler Trucks North America's revolutionary wind tunnel. They gridded off the entire interior and listened to every square inch with electronic sonar technology to track down and silence all the squeaks, rattles, hums and noises. The result: a quiet truck that reduces audible vibration frequency by 50 percent and significantly reduces driver stress and fatigue.

Better Sleep for Safer Roads

Whether behind the wheel driving or resting while a partner drives, safety is the top priority of Freightliner Trucks. Studies have shown the louder the cab, the worse a driver sleeps. This leads to slower reaction time on the road. The stiff, curved cab walls of the Cascadia reduce vibration noise, and a thick blanket of noise-dampening insulation covers everything inside the cab. So behind the wheel or asleep in the bunk, the cab—with a high level of insulation as standard—is quiet for reduced driver fatigue, improved sleep and, ultimately, safer roads.

Cascadia Inside Sleeper Cab

Room to Roam

The cab of the Cascadia is genuinely roomy, with 24" between seats so drivers can really stretch out. Or stand tall with 84" of cab headroom and a towering 90" in the raised-roof sleeper. Drivers will appreciate these features, too:

  • Fridge at waist level, not below the knees
  • Rattle-free shelves that stay put
  • Ample tie-downs and storage pockets
  • Plush mattress, 40" wide x 80" long
  • Tall mid-roof design with 78” at the bunk, available in 48", 60" and 72" sleeper lengths.

Light up the Night

The cab and sleeper are flooded with standard lights for safety, business, and off-the-clock time:

  • Individual driver and passenger seat lights
  • General dome light
  • Focused work and map light
  • Dome lights on each side of the bed
  • Dome lights overhead between the cab and sleeper
Cascadia Interior

Go with the Flow

The entire HVAC system of the Cascadia, warm and cool, has been tested and fine-tuned. We straightened vents and eliminated joints to increase airflow. We added six class-leading dash-mounted and powerful vents near the floor, at chest level and in the sleeper for comfort at work and at rest. When it's time to sleep, the Cascadia's optional ParkSmart battery-powered HVAC system—located behind the driver's seat—runs on four outboard batteries, so it's not necessary to keep the engine idling for a good night's sleep. Plus, all serviceable items can be accessed without pulling the unit from the truck, allowing quicker maintenance.

Cascadia Dashboard

Plug In and Charge Up

Power-hungry electronics. Drivers can't be without them to keep in touch, continue working, stay profitable on the road. No worries. The Cascadia is packed with multiple DC outlets to power driver communications: two in the center of the dashboard and two optional outlets at the base of the bunk.

Spacious and Efficient

The Cascadia's spacious interior offers a variety of durable, rattle-free cabinet, shelving, accessory and workstation options. There's room for a TV, as well as a waist-level mounted refrigerator for straightforward access. Even the roomy bunk lifts easily to access under-bunk storage. Inside the Freightliner Cascadia, there's room for everything.