Freightliner Trucks


From its greater structural integrity to easier serviceability, from its high-technology Century Class® systems to high-productivity cab-and-trailer combination, the Freightliner Argosy was an extraordinary prelude to a new era of transport efficiency.

Argosy Truck Sideview


The Freightliner Argosy was more than an evolution. It was revolutionary, defying all the trade-offs traditionally associated with the cabover design.

A Nimble Performer

With its sharp, up to 50-degree wheel cut, combined with a 40-inch mid axle setting located for ideal weight transfer, the Argosy is a nimble performer around tight spots like intersections and loading docks.

An Unobstructed View

The visibility out the big wide windshield is unexcelled. Unobstructed visibility and a high, wide cab design mean there's no engine tunnel obstructing driver room and comfort. For the first time, a tight turning radius is available without the necessity of awkward and arduous cab entry.

Argosy Truck Driver Seat

A Model in Safety Technology

With more than 40 Freightliner safety features available to enhance the protection of drivers and everyone else on the road, Argosy set the standard of truck safety, innovation and technology.

An Open, Airy Interior

For the first time, the extra cab width typical of cab-over designs really does look and feel like more room. The interior is open and airy with stand-up headroom from the seats on back in the 110" Raised Roof model to expose considerably more room than expected in the Mid-Roof models.

Argosy Truck Cab Inside