Keeps Drivers Productive

The job may wear you out, but the truck shouldn’t. Whether your drivers have a regular route or face a new job each day, they’ll love the comfort of the Business Class® M2 106.

Cab of Comfort

Every aspect of the cab was designed to make the driver’s job less of a job, leading to increased productivity. For starters, it has a low step-in height with slip-resistant dual steps, a large door opening and strategically placed exterior and interior grab handles. These types of details enhance safety and help reduce driver fatigue. The M2 106 also offers a spacious cab with flexible seating options, so you can configure your trucks for specific applications.

The ergonomically designed driver’s area features an automotive style dashboard, easy-to-read LED-backlit gauges and controls that are within easy reach. An advanced heating and air conditioning system provides excellent air flow for uniform temperature control throughout the cab, and extensive interior insulation reduces noise and provides protection against the elements.

Plenty of Work Space

Sometimes a driver has work to do inside the truck, too — like scheduling, billing and other paperwork. The Business Class M2 106 offers plenty of storage space. Items can be placed in the overhead console or in an optional, floor-mounted compartment that features a writing surface, printer provision and 12-volt power outlet.

Door Open
Smartplex Switches

Ease and Ergonomics

Operation of the M2 106 also is made easy by Freightliner’s proprietary SmartPlex Electrical System, which allows placement of switches in the most convenient locations. Then, when you add our best-in-class visibility plus optional mirror configurations, your drivers should feel less stress and more control.

Cab Configurations / Options

The Business Class M2 has flexible seating options for any application. Front bench seats are available in day and crew cabs, while a rear bench seat is available in both the extended and the crew cab. Air-suspended and SCBA seats are available with most seating options. A few of the many seating configurations are shown here.

Day Cab

  • Full width bench seat
  • Fixed or air suspension driver and passenger seats
  • Passenger seats with SCBA, storage or locking safe provisions

26” Extended Cab

  • 24” liftable bunk with storage
  • Full-width rear bench seat or forward-facing rear jump seats
  • Fixed or tip-out tinted side rear windows
  • Cab privacy curtain

48” Crew Cab

  • Rear bench or individual seats including air-suspended and SCBA
  • Electric rear door windows