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Freightliner Trucks day cabs are optimized for strength and are lightweight for maximum payload. For those long days hauling, picking up and delivering, the interiors are ergonomic, efficient and ultra comfortable. We design each day cab truck to keep drivers working at peak performance all day, every day.

Cascadia Evolution Day Cabs

Cascadia Evolution

The Cascadia Evolution day cab truck is even more aerodynamic and lightweight than its predecessor, which helps maximize payload for regional hauls. Designed for increased productivity, the cab is packed with comfort and safety features, so it's also a great option for pick-up and delivery. Whether your business carries beverages, boxes or bulk goods, this day cab truck helps get the job done.

Cascadia Day Cabs


Like all of our day cab trucks, the Cascadia is designed with total cost of ownership in mind and built to maximize bottom lines and build businesses.

M2106 Day Cabs

M2 106

When reliability, maneuverability and visibility are top priorities, the M2 106 is the answer.

M2112 Day Cabs

M2 112

Agile. Comfortable. Easy to drive. The M2 112 day cab truck is engineered with the heavy-duty strength and power to make a positive impact on your bottom line.

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